Confidence / Arrogance

I was talking to a friend in a ‘get to know you’ kinda way. The subject was my work. I am very versed in what I do. I know the things that I know in that domain and know the things I don’t know. I speak with authority, assurance and confidence on those topics for which I have expertise, knowledge and experience. She looked at me and said “Arrogant, much?” That was confidence, not arrogance.

I am primary on a set of requirements for a deployment at work. I know the work I did is good. Some people are having issues. I have explained and re-explained the processes required. The only thing left is to do it for them.  And yet when they come back and say that something is wrong, I suddenly believe that they are the experts and I am wrong. So I spend my time trying to find out what I did wrong and when I can’t find something, I still assume it’s me. My confidence gets blown out of the water. This is where I could have used some arrogance to have my own back.