Am I a gamer?

When I was younger my sibs and I played Atari games together. Pong, of course. As games developed the balance between playing alone and together was pretty even because games were either meant to be played alone and that’s all you could do or they were meant to be played together. Then there was the expansion of single player consoles, the Gameboy most notably, and to a lesser extent little game handhelds that you passed between players or played alone.

We had several of The Mattel Electronics games: Football, Basketball and Baseball. We had the Atari Console, a Commodore 64 Game System, and a PC once I bought the Radio Shack IBM clone: the Tandy (not sure of the model anymore). I purchased from the Radio Shack in West End Mall on Radio Shack credit probably in 1988 or 1989.

I had a couple of the computerized chess games from Radio Shack. I still have one in a box somewhere. I’ve got Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii, and XBox. All of these I mostly play single player games on. I played Doom , Quake, and Ultima in multiplayer mode but not in the MMORPG way that modern games are played. These were games where a friend set up a server over the network (usually work friends) and we played after hours.

With the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox, I got single player games that had online multiplayer but no games I liked enough to play with others and frankly no gaming friends or community of encouragement. Like I enjoyed the Call of Duty games but quickly got that I wasn’t skilled enough for multiplayer online games. Being killed repeatedly 5 seconds after spawning was never ever fun and I didn’t have the patience or the time or the joy required to upskill in that arena. My nephew enjoyed it though and he had gaming friends with whom he played. some of which were met exclusively through gaming. I never developed connections enough to have that. And now I don’t really have the interest.

I guess this walk down memory lane is done. Was just thinking about buying Halo Infinite. Don’t know that I’ve decided anything yet. Maybe I’ll load up Halo 5 and see if anything sparks.