I stopped wearing dresses a long time ago. But there was a time when, since I felt I had to wear them, I liked a few; more precisely I liked two. One was a sort of casual dress. It was turquoise, which was and is a good color on me. It buttoned down the front, had one breast pocket and two side pockets, real ones, deep ones. Twirled when I spun. The second was my “dressy” dress. White lace collar, small flowers. black and white, made out of some lightweight fabric, couldn’t tell you what that was.

Anyway the point of this is that both dresses had pockets which were the number one consideration before everything else, even color and “dressiness”. Most of the time, it was clear to me that dresses were not my thing but that it was a thing I would have to manage until I could figure out something different.

Something different is cargo pants. pockets, pockets, pockets.