As Promised…

I’m not so talkative. This blog is not yet everything I had hoped it would be. Although clearly, once a month, i am reminded that it exists and I have the urge to post…something, anything, though it may not be all that interesting.

things I’ve remembered that I know:
1. the internet is not the hypochondriac’s friend.
2. envy is a very uncomfortable feeling.
3. I miss my motorcycle.
4. ignoring a problem does not make it go away or get better
5. knowing what the problem is gives one information even if one still has no clue how to solve it.
6. a smile from a woman one is infatuated with is twitterpatting.
7. i’m not as stupid as I think or as smart as I hoped.
8. hugs are priceless
9. dog spit is not tasty but it won’t kill you.
10. good mothers are special.