I am completely self-absorbed and it isn’t working for me. But if I weren’t so self-absorbed I don’t think I would be conscious of the fact that it IS NOT WORKING!


Kind and thoughtful, your spirit is in line with the practices of Buddhism. More at peace with philosophy than religion, your spirituality rests within wells of knowledge and wisdom. You have a deep appreciation for life and the makings of our reality. For you, knowledge is sacred – as are acts of kindness and sincerity. Buddhism centers on happiness and wisdom, and the sanctity of inner peace – all things you hold in high regard.

“Underpinning all of Buddhist thought are the Four Noble Truths:

All existence is pain.
All pain is caused by human cravings.
Detachment from craving will end pain.
There is an eightfold path that leads to the end of pain.
Buddhism avoids paying much attention to deities, but places great importance on self-discipline, meditation and compassion. It is through these avenues that its followers achieve the equivalent of a spiritual union with higher powers. As a result, Buddhism is sometimes regarded more as a philosophy than a religion [source: Losch].” –


I’ve been defriended. I’m surprisingly okay with it. I learned my lesson well: I have no desire to hold onto something that only I have expressed a desire to have.

it matters…

DIV order matters. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Things not lining up like you think they should? Try switching your DIV order. Also CENTER is nothing without MARGIN-LEFT AND MARGIN-RIGHT AUTO.