my favorite show

My favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy. It’s the characters that I like and the writing and the photography or is that cinematography? For me a good show doesn’t have to be ‘believable’ in the sense that everything has to be perfectly logical for my reality as long as it is logical for its reality.

George got hit by a bus after joining the army to be a trauma surgeon. He died. I was surprised that a major character would be killed off the way that he was but that’s thinking in my reality. In the show reality, it makes perfect sense. People die.

It made sense that George and Izzie would get involved except that it didn’t. That was the one story line that I thought was kind of a veer or a ill fitting puzzle piece. though once they made the decision to go that way, they followed it through. and all the things that you expect to happen, happened. The wife found out. george wouldn’t follow through until he told callie. he had a hard time tellng callie which was  what I would expect from George but then that George wouldn’t have cheated in the first place.


anyway I like the show.