deep sigh…

i don’t know why I’m still so bothered by the dooce/blurb breakup. I don’t know what happened to them. but i keep going back to each of their sites hoping that they found a way to move forward together-together not individually-together.

You can hear it in the way they talk (write). They will go forward individually-together and do as much as they can do to provide for their girls in the best way that they can. At least I hope that’s what their writing means.

It would suck for them to stay together if one of them doesn’t want to, so I totally get that. But I don’t know if that is the case, so I’m free to hope that what really happened is that they hit a major upending bump in the road that threw them off and they are just having to come back to their senses before they can come back to each other.

I know part of it is my desire to know that even when people have major problems with each other, that in some cases, where there is great love, people find a way to stay with each other and work it out. And yea, I know that hasn’t been my experience at all but I still hope it. There are some people who I know that once they break up, it’s very clear that they should not be together; there’s no way that they could possibly make it. But when love is so apparent, how can it not win?