library motivation…

I have some work I want to do. I left my home and came to the library (after a quick afternoon breakfast). The idea being that if I was in the library, surrounded by books and people looking like they were working on really smart stuff, and reading books, and goofing off in what looks like a meaningful way, then I might get the work done that I want to get done.

However, what happens is that I linger in that getting the computer ready so that I can begin to get ready to do the work I swore I came here ready to do. First, I have to download something, then I have to make room for it on the hard drive, meaning that I have to move files here or there; while I am waiting I check email, check, maybe facebook, then remember what I was doing and go back to check the file transfer. By this time I’ve already been at the library an hour and have only just begun to begin the thing I came here hoping to be finish with in an hour.

and then I write 200 words about it and at least feel like I got something done.