George Zimmerman

There was an article in the AJC the other day regarding what Black parents are teaching their sons when they talk about the 2 month old murder of Treyvon Martin by George Zimmerman. That George Zimmerman caused his death is not an issue. He admitted it. (He claims self-defense). So there has been ‘media’ uproar. The president made a statement. The Parents deserve justice. George Zimmerman deserves justice. Anyway, I digress. the point I wanted to make is that the article in the AJC talked about what Black parents tell their sons. I would like to see another article that talks about what white parents tell their sons about becoming George Zimmerman, rather how not to become George Zimmerman.
1. Even if one black person stole your stuff, you do not have permission to assume that all black people will steal your stuff.
2. If you see a suspicious black person and you call the cops and the cops say stay in the car till they arrive, STAY IN THE CAR!
3. It is possible that you don’t know all the black people that live in your neighborhood so maybe err on the side of caution and put the gun away.
4. If you talk like a racist, don’t be surprised when people think you are a racist.
5. Don’t be a racist.
6. Don’t abuse the unearned priviledge of being white.
7. NO, “Rappers do it” is not a good excuse.