I have a pen fetish. It’s probably more a writing utensil fetish because it’s more than pens. Although the primary focus is pens, mostly grocery store pens with the occassional Mont Blanc, Waterman thrown in as finances accomodate. Anyway, it’s pens, mechanical pencils, regular pencils, and the occasional highlighter.

Writing implements are assessed on style, shape, size, heft, ink type, point size (I prefer the finer points in both pens and pencils).

Makers have developed a pencil ink. Wonderful thing for a fetishist like me as now some of the style, size and shape considerations are broader. The two most important things right now though are ink and erasability.

I include that background to say that Sharpie makes a “liquid pencil”. The ink erases really well, unfortunately the ink doesn’t hit the page very well and I find myself baring down which results in skips in letters which results in poor readability.

That is all.